Mt. Hood May 2019 Coordination

  • 03/27/2019 1:14 PM
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    Hello team, let's use this space to coordinate our travel and logistics for the Mt. Hood Expedition climbing the Southside route May 29 - June 1. 

    To start things off, we are looking to assist each other in probably two main efforts: first, for those who are driving for us to carpool so we can save time, money and energy, and secondly for those who are flying into Portland, to pool car rental and coordinate travel to and from the mountain.

    So, for my part I will be driving up from the Mt. Shasta Hotlum climb on Tuesday, March 28th, from the Brewer Creek trailhead, and will arrive in Oregon that evening, after which I'll camp near Government Camp Tuesday night. I'll spend Wednesday working and prepping for the team. I'll continue to lead the expedition until I drive home to Lincoln on Saturday June 1. I have room for one person. 

    So everyone please coordinate your plans and lets see if we can help each other get to and from the expedition efficiently. Thank you for posting.

    If you have a need to speak to me directly please contact me at or call my call 916-872-3399.

    Looking forward to the climb with everyone!

  • 03/27/2019 1:36 PM
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    Hi All,

    Sorry to have missed  yesterday's conference call, I was on an airplane.

    I'll be driving round trip to Hood from Northern California.  I'm fortunate enough to have a pretty open schedule, so I'll be leaving Eureka sometime the afternoon of the 28th, returning either Saturday or Sunday after spending a little leisure time in Portland.  I know that's not super helpful for carpool planning, but anyone wishing to fly by the seat of their pants is welcome to join me.  My cell is 707-502-9022.

    Looking forward to it,


  • 03/27/2019 2:33 PM
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    Sorry I also missed the call while getting my friend home from the hospital.

    I plan to travel like Darren from the Shasta Hotlum Trip to Hood. I'll be on the ski team on Hotlum and hoping to ski part of Hood so if anyone else wants to join me that would be great. I have loose plans for return. I might stop at Smith Rocks to climb if  partners available, may visit friends and definitely will be going to Malhaur National Wildlife Refuge for a day of gorging on bird watching. I will be driving from Sacramento.  Might get an Airbnb in between all this to hose off the dust! Lol. 

    I can take anyone in my car if they are up for a carpooling adventure.



  • 03/28/2019 4:52 PM
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    Hi all,

    I plan to drive and get to government camp on Wednesday. I will be coming from the north east Bay area, Martinez, and we'll have room for two or three other people.



  • 04/06/2019 2:38 PM
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    I'll be driving up from the Klamath Falls area of Oregon Tuesday the 28th.

  • 04/08/2019 7:51 AM
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    Hi all,

    I just returned from Patagonia with a group and am trying to catch up. I'll be driving from Bend Oregon and then back to California after the climb. I can be reached at or via cell (texting is best but calls are ok too) 858.229.0214

(916) 692-0005

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