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    • 02/10/2020
    • (PST)
    • 12/14/2020
    • (PST)
    • 11 sessions
    • Online

    The Event Leader Conference of the Mountain Ascent Association will be held the second Monday of each month from 8:00 - 9:00 pm. This is a series of sessions for all of 2020. Conference agenda typically includes check-in with each EL, review and coordination of all events, and some EL training or discussion.

    The meeting will be held online. Video conferencing is preferred. Please follow this link:


    All ELs are requested to attend, guests are welcome. See you there!

    • 08/21/2020
    • 9:30 PM (PDT)
    • 08/22/2020
    • 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Lone Pine Mt. Whitney Restaurant
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    Join MAA on Lone Pine Peak to climb the long, stunning North Ridge. This is a long adventurous ridge climb with a commanding view of the Owens Valley and the Whitney area. Recommmended for those already fit and familiar with multi-pitch alpine trad climbing. Loaner gear may be available. We have room for 6. Hope to have you out with us!

    SCREENED EVENT: Please join the waitlist. Attendees will be selected based on skill proficiency and experience. Those registered will be notified. Thank you! 


    What's happening: Lone Pine Peak 12,944', North Ridge III, 5.5. We approach and descend from this route on the Meysan Lake Trail. This is considered a high altitude mountain route. Even though it is an easy climb, the length, route finding, and altitude make it a long and strenuous climb. Those attempting it need to be in excellent shape and comfortable scrambling without protection or moving quickly on a running belay with a pack at altitude. It is imperative that the route is climbed quickly, so most of the time we'll be using a running belay, but there are a few pitches we will lead traditionally, (about 2 in the middle of the climb, and the last three or so on the summit pinnacle) and there is also some 3rd class and 4th class downclimbing. 

    Where to meet: In the town of Lone Pine on Friday, August 21st at 9:30 pm at the Mt. Whitney restaurant.

    Event Leader: Darren Shutt, (916) 872-3399 and Kelvin Nguyen

    Minimum / Maximum: 2-6

    What to bring: Rock shoes, harness, helmet, belay device, three locking carabiners, PAS, cordellette, prusik, 2 runners, 2 non-locking carabiners, climbing pack, approach shoes / mountain boots, sunglasses, personal items, layers, storm shell, map and compass, food, at least 2 liters of water. Bring your trad rack and ropes if you have them, and MAA will also provide ropes and gear. We will use shorter, lightweight ropes.

    Medical: If you have any medical conditions pertinent to your participation on this event, please inform the event leaders after registration.


    • DAY 1, Friday August 21st: Meet in Lone Pine and make preparations for the climb. Catch a few hours sleep in a car, or make other arrangements.
    • DAY 2, Saturday, August 22nd: Gather at the Meysan Lake TH well before dawn. Hike a few miles up the trail then cut cross country to the start of the route. Carrying light packs, climb the north ridge to the summit, then descend back to the Meysan Lakes trails and back to the cars. 


    • This event is free of charge. MAA receives no direct financial gain for organizing and supporting this event. Donations are not solicited on this event, nor is any exchange of money a requirement for participation.

    • This event is open to all Apex, Base, and free Associate members - paid membership is not a requirement of attendance. 

    • MAA is a 100% volunteer-run, federal and state recognized 501(c)7 not-for-profit membership organization and does not seek or realize a profit from organizing this event; all membership benefits, liability insurance, website, database, administrative costs and all expenses are supported solely through membership, not event fees.

    • MAA event leaders are experienced members who are board-approved and volunteer to host the event as a representative of MAA, but are not operating as a guide or compensated as a guide - all participants on the event share responsibility for the safety, decisions, and actions of the group.

    • Accordingly, the physical demands, required skills or technical terrain of some events require that we screen participants; individuals should join the waitlist to be considered for RSVP. The experience, skills and fitness in the MAA membership profile will be used to determine the suitability of each individual to the demands of that particular event.

    • Participant safety is our top priority. Many circumstances such as mountain conditions, weather, or subjective hazards may necessitate changes to the published itinerary, including cancellation.

    • As a private, non-commercial group we operate within the posted group size limits and regulations for this area.

    • All MAA members are taught and practice Leave No Trace principles to be good stewards of wild places.

    • The event begins and ends at the trailhead. MAA does not insure ridesharing or other travel arrangements and bears no responsibility for them. Carpooling, ride sharing, or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among individuals.

    • MAA event leaders carry communication devices and a medical kit; The primary event leader at a minimum has current wilderness first aid and CPR training as well as MAA policy training.

    • 09/07/2020
    • 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM (PDT)
    • Live Video Conference Call
    • 99

    APEX Members Conference Call

    All current Apex members are invited to join the MAA President online in an open format video conference call. We'll discuss our current and future events, visit relevant topics, and answer any questions you may have about anything relevant to MAA. This call joins the online training call, immediately following. Hope you'll join us!


    • When you register the call-in information will be sent in the registration confirmation email 
    • Calls typically last about 15 minutes, and are exclusively for Apex members.
    • You can join with a computer, tablet, or mobile device.
    • We may share images, maps and route descriptions so having the ability to see presented items is recommended.
    • You are not required to send live video of yourself - that is optional.

    • 09/07/2020
    • 8:15 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
    • Live Video Conference Call
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    Join a MAA climbing mentor online for a live video conference call training on ROCK 4, 5 & 6. Everyone is invited to join in this interactive 45 minute discussion and Q & A session. The training video presentations will be briefly reviewed. To get the most out of the session and be best prepared to participate please view the training videos prior.

    DATE: September 7th, 8:15 pm - 9:00 pm



    • ROCK 4: Comprehensive protection and anchors instruction. Introduction to trad climbing gear, protection (natural, active & passive artificial, fixed), placing protection, assessment of single-point anchors, concepts of SRENE, equalization, v-angle, instruction and practice in all varieties of multi-point and multi-directional belay anchors and associated belay methods. 
    • ROCK 5: Full day of simulated trad lead climbing (up to 5.9) from the safety of an established top-rope. You will get instruction and practice in following a leader, racking gear, flaking rope, lead belaying, catching a lead fall, placing and assessing gear on lead, clipping the rope, resting on lead, bailing from a route, falling on lead, route finding and strategy. 
    • ROCK 6: Single pitch, from-the-ground-up lead climbing course. We start on conservative terrain and will coach you through your first trad lead move by move to build your confidence and expertise. You'll practice and learn how best to select, place (when, where, how) and assess gear on lead, as well as belaying a leader, belaying followers, strategic racking, clipping, cleaning, and review building multi-point belay anchors.


    • Call in details will be sent in a confirmation email upon registration
    • To view all MAA training courses and disciplines, please reference this document
    • 09/28/2020
    • (PDT)
    • 06/28/2021
    • (PDT)
    • 4 sessions
    • Online Video Conference Call

    The quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of Mountain Ascent Association will be held the fourth Monday of every third month from 8:00 - 9:00 pm. The meetings will be held March, June, September and December. The meetings are a recurring series - you will be RSVPed to them all at once.

    All meetings will be held online and a link will be sent in a confirmation email to those registered. Agenda will be determined beforehand and approved or amended at each meeting. Board members are required to attend. Guests are welcome to attend upon prior arrangement. 



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