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Your membership in the Mountain Ascent Association is more than just joining an association. It's being part of a thriving network of people who share your passion for the mountains, for climbing, for adventure, and long term friendship.

Membership benefits can be categorized as Climbing, Connections, Training, and Gear. Each membership level from Associate to Apex has an increasingly valuable set of these benefits. Take a look below.

Membership can be arranged monthly or annually. You can change your membership as a renewal - you are in control. So here's the scoop:


ALL Benefits:

    • Certified Climbing Mentor*
    • Personal Trainer and Custom Workouts Program*
    • Individual Climbing* Plan and Consulting
    • All Climbing Events
    • All Technical Training Courses - included
    • Expeditions
    • All Training Videos
    • 25% Retail Discount
    • Live Online Training - included
    • MACC Training Classes - included
    • Loaner Gear on Official Events
    • Full Access to Member Database
    • Loaner Gear for Private Events*
*Unique to APEX only

$105 / month

$1155 / year

(1 month free)


    • Self-guided Climbing Fitness Program
    • All Climbing Events
    • Selected Technical Training Courses $90 - $110
    • Expeditions
    • All Training Videos
    • 20% Retail Discount
    • Live Online Training $10 per session
    • MACC Training Classes $35 per session
    • Loaner Gear on Official Events
    • Selected Access to Member Database

$45 / month

$495 / year

(1 month free)


    • All Climbing Events
    • Selected Technical Training Courses $120 - $140
    • Expeditions
    • All Training Videos
    • 15% Retail Discount
    • Loaner Gear on Official Events
    • Live Online Training $20 per session
    • MACC Training Classes $55 per session
    • Basic Access to Member Database 

$15 / month

$165 / year 

(1 month free)


    • Social and Conservation Events
    • Stay in touch with MAA 
    • Selected Technical Training Courses $130 - $155
    • Live Online Training $30 per session
    • MACC Training Classes $75 per session


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Need more beta? Please see these details on membership. We'd also love to hear from you at (916) 692-0005. We would be happy to guide you through the membership process. You can also email MAA President, or MAA Vice President 

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Here's what our members have to say:

Gautam Singampalli (Sept. 12, 2018)

"For many years I was finding it extremely hard to find the right climbing partners and mentors whom I could trust my life with. Moreover, there was no way I could afford any guided technical climbs. I was never able to consistently climb technical routes and mostly limited my adventures to alpine solo climbing (with a few narrow escapes), indoor climbing gyms, hiking, and backpacking. I recently found about MAA and was kicking myself for not having discovered them earlier. What an amazing organization and community. At first I could not believe that they are non-profit offering training courses, online classes and events worth thousands of dollars for free or a very small cost. The certified training team and the event leaders I have climbed with are very knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly great teachers. Another cool side-effect is that the teachers indirectly help you figure out the right climbing gear. This has helped me avoid all the trial and errors and has saved me a lot of money and most importantly time. I started by attending multiple training classes such as RCK 3 series and SIG 3.4 and participated in a few technical climbs with event leaders like Darren, Todd, Nick and David. Thanks for everything guys!"

Jim Wilson (Sept. 12, 2018)

"I took the RCK 2.1, 3.1, and 3.2. The experience was terrific and was my first structured exposure to trad climbing.  Excellent, comprehensive instruction, and I would recommend it for everyone as it intersects with the SIG and MTN trainings as well."

Bill Stevenson (Sept. 14, 2018)

I took the Multi-Pitch Alpine Rock course at Donner Summit and have only good things to say about it. I've been climbing for decades and felt it was time to upgrade my skills. Through the deep climbing and teaching experience of Darren and Todd I learned numerous rope and belay techniques that will serve me well in the mountains. 

Scott Weavil (Sept. 15, 2018)

I joined MAA last winter, and I couldn't be more pleased.  While I have lots of friends that climb, it's always hard to pin someone down to get out.  With MAA, that's no longer a problem.  Since I've joined, I've probably done about 15 events with the club, including around 10 instructional classes.  All have been great.  The classes provide a great mix of teaching and practical application.  There's sufficient instruction and demonstration so you're able to do the hands-on portions, but not so much that it becomes tedious.  The hands-on portions always comprise the bulk of class time, and they're geared to be appropriate for the participants: challenging enough to be interesting and feel like "real" climbing, but skill-level appropriate so that they're confidence building.  I'm excited to continue with MAA going forward. Classes: Rock 1-5; Ice 1; Mtn 2; Snow 3

Nathan Perry (Sept. 15, 2018)

I have been a member of this group since 2013 and have found all of my experiences both enjoyable and educational. Highly qualified, experienced, and patient instructors provide comprehensive, individual, and hands-on training in a safe, welcoming, and natural setting. This unique combination creates a personalized training that is both enjoyable and instructional, where I gained not only real-world climbing experience but friends and partners with whom I can actually utilize what I've learned. For me, one of the most valuable things that attending Rock and Mountain trainings provided was not just the instruction, but a sense of access to the seemingly intimidating and formidable world of rock climbing and mountaineering. Regardless of your experience, I cannot recommend MAA trainings highly enough. -Nate (Rock1-3.2, Mountain 1-2)

Ben Sherman (Oct. 1, 2018)

Technical training for rock, ice, and mountain routes with MAA accelerated my learning and put new, more committing, and more sophisticated lines on my personal menu. My competence and confidence in the hills grew so much that I had to generate a fresh tick list for the new year!

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