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MAA is unique 

We combine welcoming, long-term friendship with quality climbing events and training to achieve an engaging member experience that is personal, professional and inspiring. 

We're a network of mountain lovers and adventurers who climb, train, and play hard together, and we'd love for you be a part of our community.


MAA hosts climbing events of all types, offered by season year round, ranging from an evening to an extended weekend. All events are led by certified climbing professionals or experienced volunteer leaders and are free for Base, Peak and Apex membership levels. 

    • Free rock climbing, ice climbing, snow climbing, mountaineering, skiing, scrambling, backpacking and indoor climbing events
    • Expedition teams train and prepare for months in advance of tackling a significant peak together
    • We track member proficiencies and use a screening process to ensure you climb with well-qualified, thoughtfully selected partners


MAA members get together for climbing, training, online video calls and social events, and we gather in expedition teams across the globe. We welcome people who are new to climbing as well as those who are much more experienced. We are a community that knows our members well and enables their climbing aspirations in the long term, not just for a weekend. Along the way we build friendships, push each other to excel and make memories that last a lifetime. Many of us have found our best climbing partners and friends through our association. We'd be honored to have you join our community!

  • Personal climbing mentor who provides live online coaching and training
  • Membership directory to search for partners or anyone in our membership
  • Individual climbing plan, custom built for Apex members


MAA provides year-round opportunities outdoors and indoors for members to increase their knowledge and skills proficiency at all levels of climbing, both outdoor and online. Our training program options are sequential and custom, breaking all climbing skills into disciplines and levels. We use this to build upon the foundation of what you already know and can do, to increase your proficiency and competency.
  • Climbing-specific custom workouts and monthly contact with a professional fitness trainer, or a self-guided program
  • Rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering training courses taught by expert instructors
  • Live video calls with a certified climbing instructor
  • Online training video courses and technical skills and technique video modules
  • Technical climbing and training indoors at the Mountain Ascent Climbing Center (MACC) 


Who doesn't love gear, let's be honest. MAA gear perks are pretty sweet, from a retail discount to loaner gear, we've got you covered.

      • Paid members receive a retail discount from 15% to 25% on all gear, clothing, and equipment at Bobcat's Adventure Sports. 
      • Gear and equipment is provided on official events 
      • Apex members can check out MAA gear for private trips

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