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The Mountain Ascent Climbing Center is a ground-breaking climbing facility that changes the indoor climbing industry: providing total translation between outdoor rock, ice and mountain climbing outdoors and learning and training for these same pursuits indoors.

Imagine learning to trad lead climb indoors, or learning to ice climb without freezing, or training for multi-pitch leading climbing, rappelling, or crevasse rescue without having to travel to the mountains. This will all be possible in an accessible, climate controlled facility at the Mountain Ascent Climbing Center, or the “MACC” to be built in Sacramento, California.

How is this possible? Mountain Ascent is a climbing community with thousands of members who believe that for everything we do at the crags and in the mountains there is a way to learn and train for that pursuit indoors. MACC is built to bring the mountains to you.

Through patented hold and surfacing technology and innovative construction, the MACC makes every type of climbing experience available - on your schedule, in a controlled, purposefully-built indoor mountain environment:

    • Traditional Lead Climbing - learn and train to protect your lead using natural, passive and active protection placed in patented climbing holds and unique climbing wall features.
    • Ice Climbing - learn and train indoors using crampons and ice tools separately or together on a wide variety of simulated ice features, as well as dry tooling on special holds
    • Rappelling - learn and practice how to descend a rope in a safe and controlled fashion
    • Multi-Pitch Climbing - learn and train for trad and sport lead climbing, practice transitions, building an anchor using trad gear, belaying a second, and descending a route, spread out over multiple rope lengths
    • Rock Climbing Rescue - Learn and practice escaping the belay, raising a fallen climber, counterbalanced rappell, climber pick-off, and many other rescue skills
    • Glacier Crevasse Rescue - learn and practice how to use mechanical advantage to  extricate fallen partners form a simulated crevasse, or use friction hitches and devices to climb your way out
    • Crack Climbing - Learn and train to climb cracks using jamming technique in a wide variety of situations, from finger width to chimneys, using patented steel-reinforced crack holds and crack features build into the wall
    • Slab Climbing - Learn and practice climbing a lower angle slab using friction smearing
    • Glacier Climbing - Learn and practice ladder crossings and moving as a rope team through crevassed terrain

Help us bring this dream to reality! 

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MACC is being built at Jackson Sport's Academy. We share this space with our retail partner Bobcat's Adventure Sports

5209 Luce Ave. Suite A

McClellan, CA 95652

(916) 692-0005

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