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San Gorgonio - Winter Climb

02/03/2020 7:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

This past weekend MAA members, Mido, Robin, Renan and myself, ascended a very fun yet grueling 20 mile and 8800' total gain/loss ascent of San Gorgonio. The team set out at 10am on Saturday morning walking through the closed road to the trail head and quickly began the ascent up the initial switchbacks in cactus, yuccas and oak trees. This quickly gave way to alpine conditions and the team carefully made their way through icy trails and melting snow bridges to high creek camp with a beautiful view of Yucapia ridge. With a high wind advisory for Sunday afternoon of gusts up to 55mph, the team woke up at 3:30am and began their final ascent shortly after 4am. The initial ridge was steep and we were constantly looking for the stars to show through the trees signifying that we made our first goal. After reaching it, San Gorgonio's snow capped peak vaguely loomed in the sky and the team trodded along as the sunrise turned the sky orange and views of San Jacinto and the Salton Sea came into focus. A series of demoralizing false peaks were tempered by Robin's previous experience on the mountain (and his shared stash of Reese's Cups) and the summit was attained at 8:30AM. Everyone had made it and we quickly enjoyed a meal and made a hasty retreat to camp knowing full well that there many miles back to the car. The hike down was a series surprises at the steepness of sections we previously thought weren't that steep on the way up. As the miles dragged and 12 hours of constant motion weighed on us, we were extremely excited to finally make it back to the cars in time for the 2nd half of the Superbowl. Great times and great memories, thanks again team!

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