Ice Climbing / Maggie's Peaks Ascent ICE 1, SNOW 1, SKI 1 Training

  • 01/11/2020
  • 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Above Cascade Lake, at Lake Tahoe
  • 4


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Join MAA Members for Ice Climbing and Winter Mountaineering Training near Lake Tahoe. Our main objective is ice climbing on the elusive Cascade Falls with a secondary objective of climbing Maggie's Peak. ICE 1, SNOW 1, SKI 1 training included. Prior snow climbing and ice climbing experience recommended. Loaner gear may be available. We have room for 10. Hope to have you out with us!


  • What's happening: Top rope ice climbing at Cascade Falls, if available. About 2 miles each way of snowshoeing and/or snow climbing while breaking a trail will be necessary to access from the north side Hwy 89 road closure. Alternate winter ascent of one or both summits of Maggie's Peaks 8,699. ICE 1, SNOW 1, SKI 1 training included. 
  • Where to meet: 6:00 am at the Hwy 89 north side road closure proximate to Emerald Bay, west side of Lake Tahoe. 
  • Event Leader: Darren Shutt (916) 872-3399
  • Minimum / Maximum: 3,10
  • What to bring: Warm mountaineering boots, sharp crampons compatible with your boots, ice tools, harness, helmet, belay device, locking carabiners, a few slings, winter layers, 2 pairs gloves, sunglasses, snowshoes, backpack, food, water, first aid. MAA will provide all ropes and technical equipment. If you need to loan something please contact the Event Leader beforehand.
  • Medical: If you have any medical conditions pertinent to your participation on this event, please inform the event leaders after registration.
  • Additional Info: This event may be altered in case of unfavorable weather or conditions.


  • In order to register you must be a Base or Apex member.
  • Event leaders are experienced volunteers, but may not be certified guides.
  • This event is free of charge. MAA receives no direct financial gain for organizing and supporting this event.
  • Participant safety is our top priority. The itinerary described is the plan; however, circumstances beyond the leader's control may necessitate changes.
  • The event begins and ends at the trailhead. MAA does not insure ridesharing or other travel arrangements and bears no responsibility for them. Carpooling, ride sharing, or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among individuals.
  • MAA event leaders carry communication devices and a medical kit; The primary event leader has current wilderness first aid and CPR training as well as MAA policy training.

(916) 692-0005

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